The Censored Spring Exhibition 2022 at Bornholm
April 8th - May 29th, 2022


24 artists represented with 46 pieces

Exhibition at Galleri Rasch

October 25th - November 13th, 2021

Galleri Rasch

Julie Thesander

Pernille de la Porte Ovesen

Henning Bech

A series of 16 pinhole photos from Bornholm, exhibited with the photographers cameras as well as remedies for constructing and developing photos and cameras

The Censored Spring Exhibition 2021 at Bornholm
August 7th - September 5th, 2021


22 artists represented with 49 pieces

Life at the Cemetery
October 6th - October 29th, 2020

Østerbro Bibliotek

A series of black and white pinhole photography from the cemeteries Holmens and Garnisons Kirkegård 

Pinhole photography at Vestvolden

June 27th - September 30th, 2020
Oplevelsescenter Vestvolden


A series of 15 pinhole photos  are exhibited along with the photographers homebuilt cameras as well as remedies for constructing and developing the photos

Banja Rathnov Galleri og Kunsthandel

November 2019

4 prints from pinhole photography, the Bunker series, are offered for sale

Graphic Art exhibition at Birkerød Library

March 2019

Represented with 3 pieces of photogravure from pinhole photography

I am a visual artist exploring the field of pinhole photography.

Working with long exposures, this method has given me an opportunity to explore the world of photography in a way that allows a different perception of movement and time, producing a range of unpredictable photographs.

The process is slow. Doing long exposures, up to half an hour, I take time to consider each motif and composition, making the entire process a meditative experience. The tonality of photographic paper appeals to me, even though it slows down the process even further. There's a softness to it, that adds to the expression of pinhole photography itself. Usually, I develop my negatives in a homemade solution of mint, sodium carbonate and vitamin C. Sometimes I use stinging nettles, red wine or coffee as a base.

Somehow the inherent dreamyness of pinhole photography suits the locations I prefer. I'm drawn to desolated places like graveyards and wartime monuments and the way their physicality bears witness to the past while at the same time they seem to be taken back by nature. The interaction of permanence and impermanence often turns up as the subject of my exploration.